3 Ways Of Increasing Your Affiliate Income

Affiliate MarketingThe new year is just around the corner.

So over the next 3 weeks I’m going to share with you how to create an ever growing affiliate income and create that long term income everyone is striving for.

This first way is the foundation for creating a growing income with affiliate marketing. If you don’t do this your going to be working very hard to accomplish very little.

I bet you’ve wondered how these super affiliates make these eye bulging incomes.

Well I’m going to share with you 1 of 2 ways super affiliate pull in wheelbarrows of cash day in and day out.

They Capture the Optin First

This is what really separates the average affiliate from the super affiliate.

Most affiliate marketers are doing the same thing that every other affiliate marketer is doing, and honestly that’s why most affiliate don’t make any REAL money.

They find an affiliate product or service that’s get them excited and then they go out and start promoting their affiliate link which points directly to that affiliate owners sales page.


That’s the last thing you want to do. Let me ask you a question.

Once you send someone directly to your affiliate sales page, who benefits? Well yes you do because you may get a sale, and the chances of getting a sale are less then 2%.

Ok let me rephrase the question:

Who benefits in the long run? It’s the owner of the affiliate web site, it’s definitely NOT YOU!!

Ok next question:

What can you do if that visitor does not buy on their first visit to the affiliate site you directly sent them to?


Did you know that the average sales letter only converts at around 2%? Yes some covert more but on average it’s only 2%.

So that means out of ever 100 people that you send directly to an affiliate sales page 98 of them will not buy and they will be lost to you forever.

And what happens to the ones that don’t buy? Well a smart affiliate owner will have some sort of capture system in place to get those people that don’t buy onto his/her mailing list.

Now of course not everyone is going to end up on this affiliate owners mailing list. But once someone is on their mailing list they now have the opportunity to offer them other products or services for months and possibly years to come, generating a very long term income. None of which benefits you in the least.

It takes time, energy, and effort and yes money to promote your affiliate links, so why spend all that effort for a small one time payday? It makes no sense, and sending people directly to your affiliate link is what’s KILLING the size of your commission checks.

You want to be building your mailing list first before you do anything, and I mean anything!!

I’m going to say it again because it’s that important. Your focus should be on building your mailing list first, that’s where your long term and ever increasing income will be generated from.

When you build your list you’re the one that benefits first and you get the biggest bang for your time and investment dollar, however it’s what most affiliates are NOT doing.

And I know you want to make money right now, who doesn’t  And that’s why most people send their traffic directly to their affiliate links, but if your goal is to become a full time online marketer and work for yourself, you have to start building your business for the long term.

Your mailing list is…Golden… it’s something no one can take way from you, its Priceless… It’s your Biggest asset… and you need to treat it that way!

You’ve heard the term Super Affiliate?

They’re called super affiliates because they manage large mailing lists. In addition to that, affiliates with large responsive mailing lists are approached by the top marketers when there is new product launch because they know affiliates with large mailing lists can generate huge sales for them.

And if you have that kind of a list, I guarantee you these affiliates are getting bigger percentages of the sale price, thus making even MORE money. So burn this into your brain…

The Money Is In Your List!!

Once people are on your mailing list it’s now your responsibility to start building a relationship with everyone on your list. The stats show it takes 7 to 10 contacts before most people will consider purchasing.

So now you provide them with even more helpful and useful information and other content. You need to build the… Like, Know and Trust relationship with your list.

This is how you are going to earn your long time income, once people know, like and trust you they will do almost anything for you, and that includes buying from you.

Selling online is like dating. You don’t start out in bed. You grow and nurture a relationship – taking one baby step at a time.  You don’t ask to meet his/her parents on the first date… right?

Well the same concepts hold true when selling online. You have a much greater chance of making money from your list if you nurture and truly care about your list.

If you provide your list with top quality recommendations people will buy from you over and over again. If you decide to launch your very own product or service, you will have a built in sales force just itching to buy it as well as sell your product for you.

Plus a devoted mailing list will also…

– Build your credibility

– Promote you

– Defend you

If you start by building relationships with your list they’ll look forward to hearing from you – again and again. And soon you’ll be known as a super affiliate and making super affiliate income.

Next week I’ll send you the second way you can start generating massive affiliate checks in the new year.

I believe in you!


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