2 Important WordPress SEO Tips

Today I want to share with you a few wordpress seo tips.

There are some things many people do all the time with their content and don’t realize the damage they can be causing to their rankings.


We’ve heard it over and over again – Content Is King. And when you really think about it all the internet is – is content.

So in your quest to keep creating quality – engaging content  – you keep doing your keyword research finding those great low competition good searched keywords.

And once you have found your next batch of keywords – you create your content for new posts and maybe new pages.

And then you click the publish button.

But then you look at it a few days later and decide that you should change the title because you think you have a better keyword phrase you could use.


You DO NOT want to change your permalinks after you have published your content.

And here’s why.

Your First WordPress SEO Tip

Once you have published your post or page and if you have your site set up correctly Google has probably already indexed your page or post within in as little as a few hours at it’s original location (the permalink).

This is what the permalink for this post looks like. It’s the title of this post.

So if you decide to change your permalink for example from:




First off Google may not know you have changed your permalink.

And second then when someone does a search for House Breaking Your Dog and they find your post which now contains the outdated link.

When they click that link they’re going to get a “404 not found” error.

Not good!

And it can be even worse.

There could be other dog blogs that you don’t know about that have linked to your post with the now outdated link – giving even more 404 not found errors.

Repeated 404 errors can hurt your rankings and what’s worse people who want to read your content can’t which means they won’t even have the opportunity to get to your site.

But I Want To Change My Permalink

Ok if your set on changing your permalink always make sure you redirect your old link to your new one. You can use a permanent 301 redirect for this.

The Best Solution

Instead of changing your permalink and then creating a 301 redirect.

Simply create new content with the keyword(s) phrase instead of changing already indexed content.

Simply put do not change your permalinks once you have published a page or post.

Here’s Your Second WordPress SEO Top

If you’re like me every so often I do some house cleaning in my post and page area.

So this means for me I get rid of old drafts and such – just the stuff I have not published.

But for other folks who have been publishing things for a while they go back and look at their older content and may wince at the sight of it.

And because their content creating skills have grown since then they would rather not see their older content any more.

So without a thought they delete it, and forget about it.

Big Mistake

Ok deleting things is not the mistake – the mistake many people make is they don’t set up a permanent  301 redirect to someplace else.

As mentioned earlier if you don’t set up a 301 redirect you’re creating a 404 not found error.

And what do we know about to many 404 errors? That’s right, it can hurt your rankings.

SO DON’T do it!!

Always set up a 301 redirect if you delete old published content.

Now where you want this 301 link to go is up to you. In most cases sending people to your homepage is usually the best idea.

Or maybe you have created similar content that better answers or explains things – if so set the link to go there.

Alright that’s it – 2 very simple tips to help you avoid wrecking your rankings that you work so hard to achieve.

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