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18 Tools For Creating Better Content

toolsIt’s no secret creating content on a regular basis can be challenging.

But I’m not talking about just any old content just so you have content on your site.

Having content like this on your site is doing you no good whatsoever.

All you’re doing is showing the world you don’t have anything of real value to share. And if people don’t think you have anything of value to share, guess what?

No ones going to come to your site because low quality content does not get ranked very well or at all. And if people do end up at your site low quality content will not keep people on your site.

You need to be creating “Quality” content every single time.

And with that in mind my mentor Neil Patel has shared 18 tools to help all of us create better quality content.

I’m already using the first 3 tools he mentions. And you’ll see why. Here’s a hint this is the most important part of your content.

I especially use number 3 because it’s focused on blog posts. I’ve also found a few more tools that I’ll be adding to my content creating arsenal.

Every little bit helps right?

I want to to create the absolute best content that I can create. You deserve nothing less.

I’m already modeling his on page SEO structure. So now I’m starting to model his content creation structure.

And who better to model my content creation after then Neil. A man that is considered to be the most influential person on the internet.

To check out these 18 tools Click Here.

Enjoy, have a great weekend

I believe in you

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