14 Steps For Creating a Successful Optin Page

Building an optin list of targeted responsive subscribers must be part of your total marketing strategy, but there is a right way and a wrong way.

Ok we all know that the money is in the list. So building an optin list of targeted responsive subscribers must be part of your total marketing strategy. So it goes without saying having a successful optin page is going to be crucial for building your list.

Below I have listed the 14 elements you need for a successful optin page. I hope this helps

1) You Need An Eye Catching Headline – Your headline has to grab your visitors attention right away and it also has to make them keep reading the rest of your page. Many marketers call this the “hook”.

Not every headline is a winner right out of the gate. So to insure you are achieving the highest optin rate you’ll find that you’ll need to test different headlines to find out which one gets the best response. To do this you can simply set up a split test by rotating your headlines on your optin page.

2) Place Your Optin Form Above The Fold – You’ll increase your optin rate significantly if you place your optin form above the fold on your webpage. Being above the fold means people will not have to scroll down to find it.

After a lot of testing I have found having my optin form placed to the right of my copy/video works best. But like anything you’ll want to test that with your optin form.

3) Keep Your Page Clean – When it comes to your optin page less is more. You want to keep the layout simple and visually appealing. Forget the flashing images and all that garbage.

Use easy to read fonts like Tahoma, Veranda, Arial, and Times New Roman. And make sure you use good page colors. You don’t want a black background with red font colors. (Don’t laugh there are still people that think black and red looks good)

4) No External Links – Never have any external links on your optin page, other then the ones that are linked to your Privacy Policy and Disclaimer. You don’t want your visitor to get distracted by anything and end up leaving your page all together.

5) Create Curiosity – Provide a benefit but leave it unclear. A great saying I heard to describe this is “Useful But Incomplete”. You want your visitor thinking “This sounds like what I’m looking for and even if its’ not it’s no big deal because it won’t cost me anything”

6) Only Ask For What You Need – All you need is their “First Name” and their “Primary Email Address”. You don’t need any more then that. Identity theft is on everyone’s mind so if you start asking for addresses, birth dates, phone numbers and such chances are you’ll get nobody’s info.

7) Have A Privacy Statement – Make sure you let your visitors know that their information is going to be safe and you’re not going to sell, rent or give it to anyone for any reason. The best place for this is right at the bottom of your optin form.

You could have something like this: I respect your privacy and I will never share, sell or rent your information with anyone for any reason. Click here for more information about my privacy policy.

8) Have A Handwritten Signature – Including a handwritten signature builds trust with your visitor and also provides that personal touch. You’re a real person and you want to be seen as that. Just make sure your signature is legible. From a psychological point of view a messy signature gives the impression you’re hiding something.

9) Include Contact Info – At the bottom of your optin page it’s a good idea to have your contact information. I have seen optin forms that have a company name, mailing address and email address. But you really don’t need all that.

You should have at a minimum a contact email address posted. Just like your signature it shows people you’re not hiding anything and if they need to get a hold of you they can.

10) Your Optin Page Has Only One Function – Your optin page is not there to sell or pitch ANYTHING!! It’s only function is to gather contact info. So keep it short and to the point.

Your visitor has ONLY two choices:

First: He/she gives you their contact info.


Second: They leave your page without giving you their info.

11) Offer Something Of REAL Value And Offer It For Free – In order to get people to give you their contact information you have to give them something of real value. Preferable something they will find no where else other then at your site and it has to be given away for free. This could be an ebook; it could be your time, an online course or even some software.

12) Remind Your Visitor It’s FREE – Make sure you remind your visitor that what they are about to receive is absolutely free and they have nothing to lose.

Something like this: Simply Enter Your Primary Email Address and Name Below and My FREE Report it’s all Yours!!

13) Use Professional Graphics – Graphics are very inexpensive and well worth the money so don’t cheap out here. Nothing will turn people away from your optin page faster then cheap amateur graphics.

Use them for your header, footer, your optin box and even for the free product your offering, like an Ecover. This will pay off big time in the long run. You can get complete graphics package for an optin page which includes a header, footer, background and an ecover for under a $100.

14) Test, Test And Test Again – Increasing your subscriber rates is an on going process, so you always want to be testing your page. Just make sure when you make a change you only change one element at a time.

So if you decide to change the header, only change the header. If you change more then one element you won’t know which one had a positive or negative effect on your page.

Hope you found this information helpful.

I believe in you

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