11 Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Checks

Affiliate Commissions Like ANY affiliate marketer my goal is to make as much money as possible, and this should be your goal as well.

So let’s get right to it here are 11 ways to increase your affiliate checks:

1) Find Recurring Affiliate Programs

Start promoting membership programs also known as continuity programs. These programs can be found at Click Bank and Commission Junction just to name a few.

So instead of getting paid once on a sale, you will be paid a recurring commission from the affiliate for as long as that customer stays a member. This is a fantastic way to build a huge passive income.

The great thing is you’re not starting from scratch each month. You’re building on income from the previous month.

2) Promote Affiliate That Offer Higher Commissions

This sounds pretty obvious, but you would be surprised how many affiliates are promoting products with very low commissions. Personally I will not touch an affiliate product unless it has at least a 50% commission available.

You’re going to be devoting the same time and effort promoting your affiliate products it only makes sense to maximize your profits.

3) Provide Social Proof

What do I mean? Provide case studies. People want to see results and if you can provide legitimate proof that a product or service works you will increase your sales. You can provide testimonials, video proof and even before and after pictures.

4) Find the Right Affiliate Program to Promote

I know this sounds pretty basic but you would be surprised how many affiliates are promoting lousy programs. Here are some of the important things to look for:

– Does the affiliate have a good (high) conversion rate? You can ask but the real way of finding out is testing yourself.

– Do they have good support? Test them out call or email them and check them out. It’s pretty simple; poor customer service means a poor program in my opinion.

– Sales and Training content. Do they provide an assortment of great sales content? This would be emails, solo ads, articles, banners, classified ads and such. And do they have training content, such as how to material and ideas on promoting their product.

– What’s the companies track record? That’s easy to do simply start searching on Google and play detective for an hour or so.

5) Become Unique

Every quality affiliate program provides you with ads, emails, solo ads, articles and so on. A good affiliate marketer will take that material and make it her own.

The fastest way of getting your advertising ignored is by using the same thing everyone else is using. So change things up use that material as a template and make it your own, stand out from the crowd.

6) Track Your Sales

Yep it’s boring; however it’s a necessary evil of doing business online. If you don’t know what’s working and what’s not how are you going to know where to increase your efforts and get rid of the ones wasting money.

7) Don’t Jump Around

I get emails all the time from people saying “I’m not making any money with this affiliate”. My response is how long have you been promoting the program? In many cases they say a few weeks. You’ll never have any real statistical data telling you if this is a winner or not just in two weeks.

You need to give it time; things do not happen over night so you need to be diligent and patient. Hopping from one program to another will only guarantee you one thing…Failure!!

8) Protect Your Commissions

Many affiliates have their commissions stolen on a regular basis and don’t even know it. Start hiding your links. There a many affiliate cloaking programs available. The best way is to buy a top tier domain name (.com) and do a re-direct with masking to hide your link.

9) Promote Affiliate Programs That Have a Two Tier System

Promoting affiliate programs with two tier systems leverages your time and income. With a two tiered system you get paid a commission for everything you sell as well as a small percentage of every product someone sells in your downline.

Also by promoting the affiliate program itself you can build an army of sales people, thus getting paid from the work of others.

10) Give Your Buyer A Compelling Reason To Buy From YOU!!

Think about this for a second, why should I or anyone else buy through your affiliate link over the other guy, if you’re selling the exact same product at the exact same price?

It makes no difference to me if I bought the product through Joe blows affiliate link or yours. If I still end up with the product I want who cares where I get it from. Right?

But what if you gave me a Compelling Reason to purchase through your affiliate link instead of anyone else’s, what if you offered me more then the other guy?

You need to have something that will convince people to buy from you. Sounds like a great idea but what could you offer? There are a bunch of different things you could offer, for example;

Provide a free product, provide free software, offer a free additional special report, offer your time and provide free mentoring, coaching or support.

Spend a few bucks and purchase resell rights and give product away as an added bonus. Give a discount on the price if you can.

Now you’re not doing what every other affiliate marketer is doing, you’re standing out from the crowd.

11) Building Your Mailing List First

Most affiliate marketers find an affiliate product or service that’s get them excited and then they go out and start promoting their affiliate link which points directly to that affiliate owners sales page.

That’s the last thing you want do.

It takes time, energy, and effort and yes money to promote your affiliate links, so why spend all that effort for a small one time payday? It makes no sense, and sending people directly to your affiliate link is what’s KILLING the size of your commission checks.

You want to be building your mailing list first before you do anything, and I mean anything!!

And I know you want to make money right now, who doesn’t? And that’s why most people send their traffic directly to their affiliate links, but if your goal is to become a full time online marketer and work for yourself, you have to start building your business for the long term.

You want to be sending people to a squeeze page or an optin page which offers some very high value free content, get people on your list then promote your affiliate products or services.

When you build your list you’re the one that benefits first and you get the biggest bang for your time and investment dollar.

Your mailing list is… Golden… it’s something no one can take way from you, its Priceless… It’s your Biggest asset… and you need to treat it that way!

You’ve heard the term Super Affiliate?

They’re called super affiliates because they manage large mailing lists. In addition to that, affiliates with large responsive mailing lists are approached by the top marketers when there is new product launch because they know affiliates with large mailing lists can generate huge sales for them.

And if you have that kind of a list, I guarantee you these affiliates are getting bigger percentage of the sale price, thus making even MORE money.

Remember it’s not one big thing that’s going to increase your affiliate commissions it’s a lot of little things that produce those eye bulging commission checks.

I believe in you!

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